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Bhaktamar Stotra 21 - 24

Manye varam hari haradaya eva drishta
dristeshu yeshu hrudayam tvayi toshamati
kim vikshitena bhavata bhuvi yena nanyah
kashchimano harati natha bhavantareapi - (21)
O supreme Lord it is good that I have seen other mundane deities before seeing you ; because the discontent even after seeing them has been removed by the glimpse of your detached and serene expression. Now that I have witness the ultimate I can not be satisfied with anything lesser in this on the late lives.
Strinam shatani shatasho janayanti putram
nanya sutam tvadupamam janani prasuta
sarva disho dadhati bhani sahassrarashmim
prachyeva digjanayanti sphuradamshujalam - (22)
O unique one ! numerous stars and planets can be seen in all directions but the sun rises only in the East. Similarly innumerable woman give birth to sons but an illustrious son like you was born only to one mother; you are unique.
Tvamamananti munayah paramam pumamsha
madityavarnamamalam tamsah purastat
tvameva samyagupalabhya jayanti mrityum
nanyah shivah shivapadasya minindra panthah - (23)
O sage of sages ! all sages believe you to be the supreme being beyond the darkness and brilliant as the sun . You are free of the malignance of attachment and aversion and beyond the darkness of ignorance. One gains immortality by perceiving , understanding and following the path of purity you have shown. There is no other path leading to salvation and.
Tvamavyayam vibhumachintyamasankhayamadyam
yogisvaram viditayogamanekamekam
jnanasvarupamamalam pravadanti santah - (24)
O Lord ! Viewing you in different perspectives the sages address you as : Amaranthine (in existence ) , all pervading ( in knowledge ) , Unfathomable ( in perception ) , Infinite  ( in virtues ) , Progenitor ( of philosophy ) , Perpetually blissful ( in state ) , Majestic ( in spiritual glory ) , Eternal ( in purity )  , Serene ( with respect to sensuality ) , Lord of ascetics ( in meditation ) , Preceptor of Yoga ( in the yoga philosophy ) , Multidimensional ( in perspective ) , Unique ( in identity ) , Omniscient ( in form ) and Pure ( free from all vices ) .