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Bhaktamar Stotra 33 - 36

Ittham yatha tava vibhutirabhujinendra
dharmopadeshanavidhau na tatha parasya
yadrik prabha dinakruta prahatandhakara
tadrak kuto grahaganasya vikashinoapi - (33)
O Lord of ascetics ! The height of eloquence , lucidity and eruditeness evident is your discourse is not seen anywhere else . Indeed , the darkness dissipating dazzle of the sun can never be seen in the twinkling stars and planets. 
mattabhramad bhramaranada vivridhakopam
dristva bhayam bhavati no bhavadashritanam - (34)
O Jina ! The devotees who have submitted to you are not scared even of a mad mammoth with dripping humor and being incessantly goaded by humming bees . ( They are always and everywhere fearless as the attitude of their deep meditation pacifies even the most oppressive of the beings.
Bhinnebha kumbha galadujjvala shonitakta
muktaphala prakara bhushita bhumibhagah
baddahkramah kramagatam harinadhipoapi
nakramati kramyugachala samshritan te - (35)
O Jina ! A ferocious lion tears open the temples of the elephant and scatters around white bone pearls made with crimson blood. Even such angry and roaring lion, ready to leap at its prey, gets pacified and does not attack a devotee who has taken shelter at your secure feet. ( I other words, your devotee is free of the fear of ferocious lions. )
Kalpanta kala pavanoddhata vanhikalpam
davanalam javlita ujjvala nutphulingam
visvam jighatsumiva sammukhamapatantam
tvannamakrttanjalam shamyatyashesham - (36)
O Jina ! Even the all consuming forest conflagration, as if kindled by the doomsday tempest and having incandescent sparking flames, is extinguished in no time by the quenching stream of your name laudation. ( That is, your devotee has no fear of fire. )