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Abhavya: One who is incapable of attaining moksa  
Abhedavrtti: Identifying by transference of epithet  
Abhedopacara: Making identical aspect predominant  
Abhigraha: Resolution  
Abhiseka: Anointing ceremony  
Acharya: Head of a mendicant group; spiritual leader; monk-scholar  
Acharya-Bhakti: Devotion to Acharyas or Heads of the Orders of Saints.  
Achetanatva: Unconsciousness  
Adharma: Principle of Rest  
Adho-loka: The lower world; the home of infernal beings  
Adhyayana: Lecture, By hearting
Agam: Scripture; canonical literature
Agni: Fire  
Ahampratyaya: Self-awareness  
Ahimsa: Nonharming  
Ahimsavrata: Refraining from harming  
Ajiva: Insentient; Non-Living; Non-Soul; Which is not soul  
Akasa: Space  
Akhsara: Alphabet  
Aksaya-trtiya: The "immortal third," a Jaina holiday  
Aloka: Non-Universe  
Amanaska: Without mind
Anadi: Having no beginning
Anadinidhana: Without beginning and without end
Ananta-sukha: Infinite bliss
Anantadharma: Infinite aspects
Ananta Gnana: Infinite knowledge; a synonym for kevala Gnana
Anasana: Fasting
Anataraya: Obstructive; inflow of obstructive karma
Anekantavada: The doctrine of manifold aspects
Anga: Limb; cap., a group of twelve Jaina canonical texts
Anigraha: Free from defect
Anitya: Impermanent
Antara-bhava: The state of existence between death and rebirth
Antaraya-karma: Karma that restricts the energy-quality of the soul
Anubhava: Experience
Anugamin: Following
Anukampa: Compassion
Anumana: Inference; Doubt
Anupayoga:  Not in actual use
Anupayukta: Without attention
Anutseka: Not being proud of one's own achievement or attainments.
Anuvratas: Minor vows pertaining only to laypeople
Anvaya: Concomitance in agreement
Aparigraha: Nonpossession
Aparyapti: Undevelopable; Incapable of developing the body fully.
Apavartana: Energy that hastens the time and decreases the intensity of karmic fruition
Apratita: Neither known
Aprayojaka: Immaterial
Apurva-karana:The process by which the soul attains to an unprecedented degree of purity
Arambha: Commencement of a thing.
Arati: The lamp-waving ceremony to God.
Archana: Worship
Arhat Kevali: Omniscient Lord
Arhat-Bhakti: Devotion to Arhats or Omniscient Lords.
Artha: Meaning of a word
Artha-kriya: Exercise of casual efficiency
Aryika: Nuns of the Digambara sect
Asarira: Free from embodiment; a siddha
Asatana: Disrespect
Asatya-Vachana: False
Ascharya: Extraordinary event
Ashubha: Ugly.
Asiddha: Non-existence
Asraya: Substratum; taking help
Astanga: Eight limbs (of samyak-darshana)
Asthira: Unsteady
Astitva: Existence
Asubha-karma: Unwholesome karma
Asva: Horse
Atisaya-ksetra: Places where miraculous events associated with great monks have occurred
Atma ninda: denouncing one's self
Atma: Soul; self
Atmanubhava: Abiding in one's own nature
Avadhi (Gnana): Clairvoyance
Avagaha: Penetrability
Avagraha (Matijnana): Determinate perception
Avasarpini: Descending round; Regressive half-cycle
Avastu-nirbhasa: Dealing with no object
Avasyaka: Essential duty
Avaya (Matijnana): Perceptual judgment
Avayava: Part
Aviveka: Lack of discrimination
Avyaktaksara: Indistinct sound
Ayu: Age-karma; age.
Ayu-karma: Karma that determines the span of a given lifetime