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Chaitanya: Consciousness
Chaitya: Temple
Chaityavasi: Temple-dweller
Chakravartin: Universal monarch
Caksuradijanita: Effected by eyes etc.
Chaksurdarsana: Visual perception
Chandala: Untouchable; a synonym for svapaka
Chandana: Sandalwood paste
Charitra: Conduct
Chadmastha: A person in the state of bondage in this universe.
Chakshu:  Sense of sight.
Charitras: Right-conduct.
Char-indriya: Four-sensed.
Cheda: Reduction in seniority
Cheda-sutra: A law book dealing with monastic offences
Chetanatva: Consciousness.
Chitragnana: Knowledge of the picture
Culika: Appendix; a class of Jaina cononical texts