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Charity, alms-giving.
Dana Antaraya:
Darshana: Faith; Perception; insight; philosophy; belief of faith.
Darshana-kriya: infatuated desire to see a pleasing form.
Dasa-dharma: Ten forms of righteousness
Desana-labdhi: Obtaining instruction in the Jaina teachings
Deva: Celestial; Heavenly beings; ultimate divinity; The Celestial beings
Deva-Ayu: Celestial-age-karma
Deva-brahmana: Divine brahman, i.e., a Jaina brahman
Deva-dusya: "Divine" cloth; a finely woven piece of cloth
Devagama: The arrival of gods at a holy gathering
Devapuja: Worship of the Tirthankaras
Devayu: Celestial age.
Dharma: Attribute;Holy law; righteousness, ten forms ;Religion; duty; pious & pure thought activities; virtue; non-violence; righteousness.
Dharma-katha: Religious tale
Dharma-labha: Increase in righteousness
Dharma-svakhyatatva: The absolutely true teachings of the Jinas
Dharma-tirtha: Holy path
Dharmadhyana: Virtuous concentration
Dhupa: Incense
Dhvani: Sound
Dhyana: Concentration--internal austerity. Meditation
Digambara: Sky-clad; name of the Jaina sect whose mendicants practice ascetic nudity
Diksha: Initiation; vow of renunciation.
Dipa: Lamp
Divyadhvani: Miraculous sound
Dosha: Imperfection
Dravya: Substance
Dravya-puja: Form of worship employing external objects
Dravyajivatva: Substantial soul
Dresti: Perception
Drstanta: Example
Dukha: Pain
Durbhaga: unprepossessing; even though beautiful.
Durgamdha: Evil-smelling; mal-odorous.
Dusama: Unhappy
Dusama-dusama: Extremely unhappy
Dvesa: Hatred; aversion
Dvindriya: Two-sensed.
Dvipa: Island
Dvipa-samudra: Island-continent