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Gaccha: A chapter of monks
Gandha: Smell.
Gana: A residence unit for monks
Ganadhara: Direct disciple of the Tirthankaras Supporters of the order, i.e., the first mendicant disciples of a Tirthankara;Chief acharya monk who possesses four types of knowledges and composes scriptures from the preachings of omniscient Tirthankara
Gandharva: Celestial musician
Ganin: Leader of the order
Garbha: Conception
Gati: Birth; destiny; condition of existence ;Condition.
Gau: Cow (animal) or the action of going
Ghati-karma: Destructive karmas
Ghora-tapasvi: One who practices severe austerities
Gotra: Exogamous groups; Family-determining.
Gotra-karma: Karmas that determine environmental circumstances.
Guna: Attribute; Quality
Guna-sthana: Fourth spiritual stage.
Guna-vratas: Special vows relating to the limitation and determination of his daily  work, food and enjoyment.
Guna-sabda: Word indicating quality
Gunavratas:   Restraints that reinforce the practice of the anuvratas
Guru: Spiritual teacher; Preceptor monk.