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Vacana   Statement
Vacya-vacaka-bhava   Relationship of the word and its meaning
Vada   Legitimate discourse
Vadara Nigoda Shunya-Vargana   Gross common-body-indifferent-molecule
Vadara Nigoda-Vargana   Gross common-body-molecule
Vadin   Proponent
Vaggupti   Preservation of speech.
Vaidriyika   fluid.
Vaikalika   [Texts studied] beyond the prescribed hours
Vaikriyika   Fluid
    Fluid,the body of hellish and celestial beings, which they can change at will.
Vaikriyika-mishra   Fluid with karmic.
Vainayika-mithyatva   Mithyatva due to indiscriminate openmindedness
Vaineyika   Religion is identical with veneration of parents, king, etc., e.g.,
Vairagya   Aversion leading to renunciation
The non-attachment to sense pleasures.
Vaisya   A member of the merchant caste
Vaivahiki-kriya   The wedding ceremony
Vaiyavrittya-karana   Serving the meritorious..
Vaiyavritya   Service of the saints or worthy people--internal austerity.
Vaiyavrttya   Respectful service
Vajra Diamond    adamantine
Vajra-naracha-Samhanana   Adamantine, joints and bones.
Vajra-rishabha-aracha-Samhanana   Adamantine, nerves, joints and bones.
Vakprayoga   Statement
Vakya   Sentence
Valaya   Layer of teh atmosphere
Vamana   Dwarf.
Vanaspati-kaya   Plant beings
Vanavasi   Forest dweller
Vandana   Reverent salutation
Vang   Movement by speech
Vardhamana (Avadhi)   Augmenting
Varna   Caste hierarchy/ class; color; a quality of matter
Varna-vyavastha   Class/ caste system
Varnalabha   Ritual celebrating the establishment of a new household by a married son
Varsa    Continent
Varuni-dharana   A process of meditational "cleansing," accompanied with the water  element.
Vasana   Memory impression
Vastu    Real
Vastutva   capacity by which a substance has a fuction.
Vatsalya   Disinterested affection
    Tender affection for one's brother on the path of Liberation.
Vayu-kayika   Air-bodies
Veda   Sex-consciousness
Sexual feelings
Vedaka-samyaktva   A synonym for ksayopasamika-samyaktva
Vedaniya   Feeling Karma
Vedaniya-karma   Karma responsible for mundane experience of pain and pleasure
Vibhava   Defiled; impure
Vibhu   All-pervasive
Vicara   Shifting attention from one mode to another
Vidarana-kriya   Proclaiming other's sins.
Vidhana   Ritual
Vidhi   Positively
Vidhi-sadhaka (Hetu)   Positive, which proves something positive
Vidhikalpana   Positive aspect
Vidhirupa (Hetu)   Positive
Vidya   The arts
Vigraha-gati   Movement of a soul to its new destiny
Vihayogati   Movement; capacity of moving in space.
Vijigisu   Who wants victory
Vikala-pratyaksa   Partial perception
Vikaladesa   Partial reference
Vikalpa   Idea
Vikalpa-prasiddhatva   Optional
Vikalpa-siddha   Optionally proved
Vikalpagamya   Optional knowledge
Vikalpatmika   Optional only
Vikrti   Defiled modification
Vimochitavasa   Residence in a deserted place.
Vinaya   Reverence to the elders Reverence--internal austerity. Veneration.  Taking  all religions and gods, even the so-called religions which enjoin cruel or  immoral practices, to be equally worthy of pursuit.
Vinaya-sampannata   Reverence for means of Liberation and for those who follow them.
Vipaka   Karmic retribution
Vipakavicaya   Meditation on karmic fruition
Vipaksa   Heterologous
Vipaksabadhaka-pramana   Proof which obstructs the opponent's view
Vipaksasattva   Presence in heterologous cases
Viparita   Contradictory
    Perverse belief, e.g., animal sacrifices lead to heaven.  Injury to anyone  cannot be a cause of merit.
Viparita-mithatva   Perverted or incorrect view
Viparitaropa   Contrary imposition
Viparyaya   Error
Vipulamati   Ample intelligence
Vira-nirvana   Beginning of the Jaina era; death [anniversary] of Mahavira
Virodha   Contradiction
Virodhi-himsa   Injury generated by standing in
Virodhi-himsa   opposition to an enemy
Virodhi-sanka   Doubt of the opponent
Viruddha   Contradictory
Viruddha sahacaranupalambha   Non-availability of the concomitant contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-dharmadhyasa   Which imposes the opposite quality
Viruddha-karyanupalambha   Non-availability of the effect contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-svabhavanupalambha   Non-availability of the nature contradictory to the probandum
Viruddha-vyapakanupalambha   Non-availability of the determinant concomitant contradictory to the
Viruddhakarananupalambha   Non-availability of the cause contradictory to the probandum
Viruddhanupalabdhi   Non-availability of the contradictory
Viruddhopalabdhi   Availability of the contradictory
Virya   Energy
Virya Antaraya   obstructive of power of exercise of one's capacities.
Viryantaraya   Energy-obstruction
Visadrsa   Dissimilar
Visamvada   Wrangling, etc., wrong-belief, envy, back-biting, self-praise, censuring
others, etc., and causes a bad-body-making karma.
Visani   An animal possessed of horns
Visesa-darsana   Particular observation
Visesavamarsa   Inference of the particular
Vishesha-guna   Special Attributes
Visistapratyaksa   Qualified direct perception
Visuddhi   Purity
Vitaraga   Free from passion; an epithet for an arhat
Vivaksa   Aspect emphasized by a speaker
Vivarta   Mode
Vivartavada   The theory of illusory causation in monistic Vedanta
Vivikta-sayyasana   Solitary place of rest
Vivikta-shayyasana   Sitting and sleeping in a lonely place, devoid of animate beings--external
Vrata   Restraint
Vrata-pratima   The second stage where a layman assumes the anuvratas
Vratyanukampa   Compassion for the vowers.
Vrishyeshta rasa-tyaga   Renouncing of exciting and aphrodisiac food or drinks.
Vritti-parisankhyana   Taking a mental vow to accept food from a house-holder, only if a certain  dition is fulfilled, without letting anyone know about the vow--external  terity.
Vrtti   Subcommentary
Vrtti-parisamkhyana   Limiting the extent of one's begging rounds
Vyabhicara   Contradiction
Vyabhicarin   One who contradicts
Vyanjana   That which manifests
Vyanjana (Aksarasruta)   Consonant
Vyanjanaksara (Sruta)   Alphabet
Vyanjanaparyaya   Manifest modes
Vyanjanavagraha (Mati)   Contact-awareness
Vyantaravasi   The peripatetic gods
Vyapaka   Determinant concomitant
Vyapakanupalabdhi   Non-availability of the determinant concomitant
Vyapti   Necessary concomitance
Vyaptigraha   Cognition of the concomitance
Vyaptigrahana   Cognition of the concomitance
Vyaptijnana   Knowledge of necessary concomitance
Vyapya   Determinate concomitant
Vyapya (Hetu)   Determinate concomitant
Vyapyopalabdhi   Availability of concomitant
Vyatikrama   Disturbed order
Vyatireka   Disagreement
Vyatireka-dharma   Disagreement
Vyavahara   Convention; appropriate proceedings Practical
Vyavahara (Naya)   Empirical
Vyavaharabhasa   False empirical point of view
Vyavaharika   Empirical
Vyavasayin   Definitive
Vyaya   Decay
Goes out of existance.
Loss; disappearance
Vyuparatakriya-anivartin   Absolute nonmotion
Vyutpattinimitta   Etymological
Vyutsarga   Giving up attachment to the body, etc.--internal austerity.
Renunciation of egoistic thoughts