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About Jainism:

Jainism is one of the oldest religion of world. It believes in a cyclical nature of universe. and thus a universe without a beginning, without an end and without a creator. 

There are twenty four Tirthankara 's.  They are :
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1. Shri Rishabhadev ji (or Adinath ) 13. Shri Vimalnath ji
2. Shri Ajithnath ji 14. Shri Ananthnath  ji
3. Shri Sambhavnath ji 15. Shri Dharmanath ji
4. Shri Abhinandan Swami ji 16. Shri Shantinath ji
5. Shri Sumatinath ji 17. Shri Kunthunath ji
6. Shri Padmaprabhu ji 18. Shri Arnath ji
7. Shri Suparshvanath ji 19. Shri Mallinath ji
8. Shri Chandraprabhu ji 20. Shri Munisuvrath Swami ji
9. Shri Suvidhinath ji 21. Shri Naminathji
10.Shri Sheetalnath ji 22. Shri Neminath ji
11. Shri Sreanchnath ji 23. Shri Parshvanath ji
12. Shri Vasupujya Swami ji 24. Shri Mahaveer Swami ji

It is not the function of a Bhagwan to propound a religion; rather, sheltered in religion, the Soul is elevated to the status of Paramatma (Bhagwan). According to the Jain belief, Bhagwan may be infinite in number, but in a single age, in the land of Bharata, the number of Tirthankars are  24 only. 

Ahimsa Non-violence is the underlying philosophy of Jainism. The Ahimsa of Jainism is very comprehensive  and is concerned not only with Human beings but also every living being. Whether it is animals, plants,  insects or microbes. Detailed description of types of living beings and ways to minimize and avoid violence is given in thousands of centuries old Jain scriptures. 

The objective of Jainism is to strive for Moksha or Liberation from the unending cycles of Birth, Death and Re-birth. One who is liberated is called as Siddha. A Siddha is a soul which has achieved it's original state of infinite bliss and power etc. Every Jiva (living being) has the potential of becoming a Siddha and therefore God. Jainism doesn't believe in God as the creator of this universe. God is a liberated soul (Siddha) who has attained Moksha. A role model as well as a teacher. Every human being and every living being has the potential to attain Moksha and thus become God. 

Ahimsa and Vegetarianism are preached  and  practiced very thoroughly by Jainism.

There are 14 Purvas (Holy Texts, they are thousands in number) which contain 45 Agams which are written in Ardhamagadh. The whole meaning of 14 Purvas is  present in Navkar Maha mantra

There are two groups of Jains: 

The Digambaras: (literally "sky clad" or naked): Their monks carry asceticism to the point of rejecting even clothing (even when they appear in public). 

The Shvetambaras: (literally "white clad"): their monks wear simple white robes. The laity are permitted to wear clothes of any color.