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Links to:  Jain Organizations

Jain Centre, Leicester
Jain temples in UK
Jains in Australia
Jain Center of Greater Boston
Jain Society of Greater Detroit
Jain Society, Washington
Toronto Jain Society
Jain Center of New Jersey
Jain Society of Rochester
Jain Study Center of North Carolina
Jain Study Center of Southern California
Jain Society of Houston
Jain Society of North Texas, Dallas

Jain Community
Jain Community site providing information about the religion along with community news, calendar, chat, polls, e-mails and some useful links.

Jain Center of Northern California
Community organization based in California, USA. Onsite - information about organizing religious and cultural events for the Jain community in the state, events, news letters and bulletin board.

Jain Group 
Official site of Jain social society, engaged in social works, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Onsite - information about members, activities, social services and some religion related information.

Jain Social Group

Social group based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Onsite - details about Jainism and links to other sites on Jainism.

Jain Vishwa Bharti, North America

Informative site on Sadhvi Pannaji. Onsite - coming events, objectives, activities and links.

Jain Vishwa Bharti

Information on Jain community in Orlando. Onsite - news, events, archives, photo gallery along with many other things.

Jain Society of Central Florida

Official site of the Jain society of Central Florida. Onsite - information about the society, members, activities, schedule along with other related information.

Jain Centers, Temples and Organizations
Information about Jain centers, temples and organizations, in America. Onsite - temples, location, organisations,campus.

Jaincenter of Minnesota

Jaincenter of Minnesota website

Jain Vishva Bharati Institute

Institution of higher learning in spiritual education, located at Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Onsite - institute profile, subjects offered for distance learning and contact address.

Jain Community

Informative site on Jain community. Onsite - information about Jains all over the world.

Jain Association
A global Jain organization.

Jain Pals
A place for Jains and vegetarians to get likeminded pals from worldwide.