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Links to:  Jainism Sites

The site has links to other jainism sites and to the pages in them which contain information on Jainism.

Jain Sansar 
Jain community site providing information on relegion and its followers. Onsite - monks, philosophy, pilgrimage, family tree, institutions, matrimonial, shopping, news, events, message board and contributions.

Jain Sansar
On Jain religion from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Onsite - pooja, Guru darshan, bhavan, books, articles, events, photo gallery, facts, cook book and links to related sites. Online - education.

Jain Pilgrimages
Site on Jain pilgrimage centers based in India. Onsite - articles, religion, temples in India and related links.

Jain Tirth
A compilation of all the major Jain temples in Gujarat, Rajasthan and rest of India. Onsite - temples in Rajasthan, art and sculptures, Jainism, temples-rest of India,

Jain Worlds 
Jainism site informing about their lifestyle, detail of worlds oldest religion founded by Lord Rishab. Onsite - information about their various Gurus and important links.

Jain religion providing information about their religion, literature, philosophy, bhatambar, arti and chalisasamayasar. Onsite - photographs of Jain temples, tirths, astrology and matrimonials.

Jain Spirit
Resource on a magazine claiming to chart a global renaissance in Jainism from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Onsite - subscribe from, articles, participate, forthcoming events and download the pictures.

Infromative site on the aspirations of Jainism around the globe. Onsite - religion, social, philosophy, cultural, society, literature, education, meditation and links. Online - recital of prayers.

Jain Meditation
Site offers videos of the Palitana Temple in Gujarat, India and tells about meditation and Karma. Onsite - anecdotes, parables, new, books, parmoda and links.

Jain Samaj
An organization promoting the Jain religion. Onsite - history, literature, articles, matrimonial, celebrations, temple, institution, photo gallery, career, festivals and egreetings.

Jain Net
Website on Jainism, based on non-violence or ahimsa as preached by Mahavira. Onsite - Jain list, Chaughadiya, Navkar Mahamantra and links to other sites on Jainism.

Jain site contain topic related to Jainism. Onsite - philosophy, pilgrimage, books, prominent and history.

Writings on Jain philosophy, teachings and Gurus with preachings to download.

Jain Heritage

Culture, heritage and religion of Jainism. Onsite - books, essence, Shri Suracharya and other saints.

Jain Heritage Centre  
Culture, heritage and religion of Jainism with list of heritage centre of Jainism

Jain Dharam
Jainism religion and sculptures. Onsite - history, literature, saint and services.

Jain Tirth Darshan
This site has Tirth Darshan of India and this site is totally in Hindi.

Atma Dharma
This site is best with lot useful content and bhakti downloads

Ahmedabad Jinalay
Detailed information on Jain temples in Ahmedabad. Also has event calendar, publications, links to similar sites and more.

Digamber Jain 
Information on Jain community. Onsite - philosophy, panchang, community news, features, Jain tiriths, matrimonials and address book.

Essence of Jainism
Jain literature translated into various modern languages, India. Onsite - information about the site, objectives, its authors, library, essence of jainism and related links.

Jain Religion-India
Jain religion and pilgrimage places of India. Onsite - Jain tour, organization, publication, matrimonial, Jain priest, symbols, Jain Acharya, dates, maps, cities and details of places.

Jain Matrimonial

Jain community matrimonial site featuring information about the significance of marriage along with profiles of various males and females with photographs.


Informative site on Jain community. Onsite - about the community, its world wide links, objectives, publications, activities along with other important things.

Federation of Jaina

Informative site on federation of Jaina with links to Jain organisation, literature centre, referance library and events.

Jain Philosophy and Sacred books Homepage
Resource on Jain religion. Onsite - Jain art, temple, books, food and links.

Kutchi Jainism
Informative site on the Jains of Kutch region. Onsite - information about Jain religion and temples.

Oswals - Origin and development
To link world wide oswals and inform the origin of oswals plus origin of almost 2400 gotras in oswals and educate about jainism

Fundamentals of Jainism
Resource on Lord Mahavir and Jain religion, with books on Jainism. Onsite - path of libration, Jain God, samitis, meaning of Astra Prakari Puja, articles, principles, ten virtual monks and links on Jainism.

Jain Bandhu

Report providing information on religion - Jainism and related links. Onsite - fonts to download.

Marathi Jain
Informative site on Marathi Jains. Onsite - history, matrimonials and information on Jain friends.

Jain Society
Resource on Jain society of Rochester. Onsite - background, directory, essays, Jain youth club, Namokar mantra, download prayer and Jainism links.

Jain Matrimonials

Matrimonial site for Jains. Onsite - information about Jain friends and Marathi Jains.

Shree Swetambar Jain Teerth-Kulpak

An Important Pilgrimage Centre of Swetambar Jains in South India-80 Kms from Hyderabad, A.P.