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Ahimsa (Non - Violence):

Non-Violence in all parts of a person  i.e. - mental, verbal and physical. (Non-harming, non-injury, non-violence). Ahimsa means not harming others. Ahimsa Paramodharma means Non-Violence is highest religion

Ahimsa was main motto of Mahatma Gandhi.
"Non-Violence is the greatest weapon in the hands of mankind" - Mahatma Gandhi


1. Live and let live.  Love all  Serve all.

2. Where there is Love there is Life.  Violence is Suicide.

3. All Souls are alike and potentially Divine.  None is Superior or Inferior.

4. All living beings long to live.  No one wants to die.

5. Have compassion towards all living beings.  Hatred leads destruction.

6. Silence and Self control is non violence.

7. Just I dislike pain, so all other beings dislike pain.

8. A wise person does not kill, nor cause others to kill, nor consent to the killings by others.

9. Respect for all living beings is non violence.

10.Non violence is the highest religion.