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Shri Mahaveer Swami


Birth Place : Ksatriya Kund (Purva)
Birth Date (or) Tithi : Chaitra Sudi 13
Fathers Name: Siddharth
Mothers Name : Trishladevi
Lanchan(Sign) : Simha
Nirvana Dham (or) Place: Pavapuri
Nirvana Date (or) Tithi : Kartik Vadi Amavasya

Mahaveer, credited as the founder of the Jain religion (6th century BCE), was actually the last in a line of 24 Tirthankar's according to the Jains. Tirthankar's are perfectly enlightened teachers who have, each in turn, brought the Jain religion to humans. Only Mahaveer and Parshva (8th century BCE) can be historically verified and given the fantastic dates assigned to some of the older Tirthankar's , they may be safely assumed to be symbolic, or at least, incorrectly dated.

Legend has it that Mahaveer was born in the year 599, but comparison with contemporary sources seem to indicate a birth around 560 to be far more likely. He was originally conceived by the Brahman Devananda, who had 14 prophetic dreams, but was then mystically transported into the Ksatriya Trishala by Indira and other gods because all other Tirthankar 's were born in rich clan and Indira thought how can such a great person be born in poor Brahmans family . After Mahaveer was transported into Trishala ' s womb , she also experienced the 14 visions and raised him after she gave him birth. Those 14 dreams are : 

1. An Elephant
2. A Bull
3. A Lion
4. The anointment of Goddess Sri 
5. A Garland
6. The Moon
7. The Sun
8. A flag
9. An Urn
10. A Lotus-Pond
11. The Sea
12. A Vimana
13. A Heap of Jewels
14. A Fire 

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He was named Vardhamana because when he was in Trishla womb thier kingdom cherished in all ways so he was vardhamana meaning Increasing one. Raised into a noble family under the name Vardhamana, he was renamed Mahaveer by gods because he demonstrated great courage and endurance with penance. At the age of 30, he gave up worldly possessions and began his search for enlightenment. During the first twelve years, he practiced the arts of silence and meditation, doing his utmost to avoid harming any living creature, be it plant, animal or human. He suffered from many travails and abuses, but eventually in the thirteenth year, he attained perfect knowledge and perception.

When he attained to perfection, he began his missionary work. Walking barefoot throughout India, Mahaveer spent the next thirty years teaching his ascetic lifestyle. He spoke with, and converted people of all walks of life, be they beggars or kings. His teachings held no regard for societal class-all people are alike in Jainism. To those willing to listen, he taught the values of non-injury, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity, and non-attachment. Through these virtues, one could obtain moksha, freedom from the cycle of birth-life-pain-death.

At the age of 72, Mahaveer died. The religion he "founded" has continued to this day and played a vital role in the development of Indian history. Today, Jains make up only about .5% of the Indian population, but they have held positions of influence and authority over the several thousand years since Mahaveer 's death and have made an enormous contribution to Indian culture

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The Teachings of Lord Mahaveer:


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