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Tirthankar Info:
There are twenty four Tirthankara 's.  They are :
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1. Shri Rishabhadev ji (or Adinath ) 13. Shri Vimalnath ji
2. Shri Ajithnath ji 14. Shri Ananthnath  ji
3. Shri Sambhavnath ji 15. Shri Dharmanath ji
4. Shri Abhinandan Swami ji 16. Shri Shantinath ji
5. Shri Sumatinath ji 17. Shri Kunthunath ji
6. Shri Padmaprabhu ji 18. Shri Arnath ji
7. Shri Suparshvanath ji 19. Shri Mallinath ji
8. Shri Chandraprabhu ji 20. Shri Munisuvrath Swami ji
9. Shri Suvidhinath ji 21. Shri Naminathji
10.Shri Sheetalnath ji 22. Shri Neminath ji
11. Shri Sreanchnath ji 23. Shri Parshvanath ji
12. Shri Vasupujya Swami ji 24. Shri Mahaveer Swami ji

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Jains celebrate five major events in the life of a Tirthankar. They are called Kalyanak (auspicious events). They are:

Ľ Chyavana Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul departs from its last life, and is conceived in the motherís womb.

Ľ Janma Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul is born. When a Tithankara comes into the womb of his mother , the mother gets 14 dreams and after Tirthankar 's birth, 64 Indra 's and 56 Digkumari 's come and take child Tirthankara on Meru Parvath (Mountain) and do Pakshal to him. A Tirthankarís soul, while even in motherís womb, has three types of knowledge, namely Matignan, Shrutgnan, and Avadhignan.

Ľ Diksha Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul gives up all his/her worldly possessions and becames a monk/nun. (Digambar sect does not believe that women can become Tirthankar or be liberated.)

Ľ Kevaljnana Kalyanak - This is event when Tirthankarís soul destroys the four ghati karmas completely and attains the Kevaljnana (absolute knowledge). Celestial angels set Samavsaran for Tirthankars from where he/she delivers the first sermon. This is the most important event for the entire Jain order as the Tirthankar reinstates Jain Sangh and preaches the Jain path of purification and liberation.

Ľ Nirvana Kalyanak - This event is when a Tirthankarís soul is liberated from this worldly physical existence forever and becomes a Siddha. On this day, the Tirthankarís soul destroys the four aghati karmas completely, and attains salvation, the state of eternal bliss.

Tirthankar's have 5 types of  knowledge which they get in different phases of life.
 They are :(1) Mati
               (2) Sruti
               (3) Avadhi
               (4) Manaparyaya
               (5) Keval
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