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Shri Amravati Tirth

Mulnayak:  Shri Chintamani Parshavanath Bhagavan , Black Idol, in Padmasana posture, 120 cms in height.

Tirth Place: Amravati, a small village in Guntur Dist., and it is on banks of river Krishna.

History: The temple is ancient and comparing this temple with other Jain tirths in Andhra Pradesh, it can be concluded that the idol is nearly 1000 years old. This was last renovated in 2031 V.S.

Specialty: This is the only temple in Andhra Pradesh to be on the bank of a river. With the pleasant atmosphere on the bank of river, people can do bhakti happily.

Other Temples: At presently there are no temples around this tirth.

Art and Sculptures: The idol of Bhagavan is simple in style and is very attractive.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Guntur, at a distance of about 25 Kms. From Guntur, transport facilities like Bus and Taxi are available. There is no lodging facility at Amravati, but boarding and lodging facilities are available are Guntur.

Trust:  Shri Chintamani Parshavanath Jain Shvetambar Pedi,
           P.O. Amravati
           Dist. Guntur ,
           State: Andhra Pradesh