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Shri Gudivada Tirth

Mulnayak:  Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan , Black Idol, in  Aardh Padmasana posture.

Tirth Place:  Gudivada, a small village. The temple is in the centre of this village.

History: The temple is ancient and comparing this temple with other Jain tirths in Andhra Pradesh and with its Art, it can be concluded that the idol is from 8th century V.S. Seeing the idol it can be understood that at that time Jainism was prosperous and many Jain people lived here. The idol was at another place, after building this temple it was shifted here.

Specialty: The specialty of the idol is its attractiveness and its age (ancient). Every year on Poush Krishna 10 there a huge procession takes place.

Other Temples: At presently there are no temples around this tirth.

Art and Sculptures: The idol of Bhagavan is attractive due to its special powers. This idol has been so beautifully carved that it makes people wonder. There is another idol in this temple which is also a master piece.

Guidelines: The railway station is Gudivada station, at a distance of about 1.5 Kms. In Guduvada, transport facilities like Riksha, Auto and Bus are available. Gudivada can be reached while going from Vijayawada to Machlipatnam.Bus stand is very near to the temple.

Facilites: For staying here Dharmashala is there with all facilities.

Trust:  Shri Shvetambar Jain Parshavanath Tirth,
           Jain Temple Street,      
           P.O. Gudivada,
           Dist. Krishna,
           State: Andhra Pradesh