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Shri Kangada Tirth

Mulnayak:  Shri Adishvar Bhagavan , in Padmasana posture.

Tirth Place: The temple is situated at the junction of these rivers Raavi and Satluj. Little away from small village Kangada and on a hill, in an old fort.

History: The temple belongs to the time of 22nd Tirthankar Shri Neminathji. (At the time of Mahabharatha) A King called Susharmachandra built a city and this temple after his defeat. This temple finds place in many great books. Kangada was also called as Bhimkot or Bhimnagar.

Specialty: This tirth belongs to time of 22nd Tirthankar Shri Neminathji and was built by King Susharmachandra. There were many great temples here but now their remains are found here. It was not known to people, but later it was searched by Muni Shri Jinvijayji getting information from Muni Shri Vijayvallabsuriji. Every year on Phalgun Shukla Triyadashi to Purnima, here function and processions take place.

Other Temples: At presently there are no temples around this tirth.

Art and Sculptures: The are around is full of hills and cold breeze of Himalayas, Himalayas are also seen from here. The remains of temples and forts show some of ancient architecture

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Kangada and from station Dharmashala is at a distance of 1.5 kms.
Transport facilities like Bus etc. Bus stand is at a distance of 4 kms. Hoshiyarpur is another town at a distance of 102 kms, from here also transport facilities are available.

Trust:  Shri Shvetambar Jain Tirth Pedi,
           Jain Dharmashala,
           P.O. Kangada
           Dist. Dharmashala ,
           State: Himachal Pradesh