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Shri Dharmasthala Tirth

Mulnayak: Shri Chandra Prabhu Bhagavan, in Padmasana Posture, red coloured idol , approx. 36 cms in height.

Tirth Place: Dharmasthala is a small village and little away from the village on a hillock this temple is present.

History: The temples old name was 'Kuduma', which in Kannada means 'Dharm ka Sthal'. It is said that the temple is 1000 years old. The temple was built by Hegade Parivar and the same family is taking care of the temple.

Specialty: The specialty of this temple is that thousands of people get free food and stay. There is always 'Hal-chal' of people going on here. The temple authorities have built many schools, colleges, hospitals and Dharmashalas.

Other Temples: In the same place there are two other Jain temples. On another hillock near the village there is big Bahubali's statue, in standing position.

Art and Sculptures: The surroundings and temples are beautiful. The sculptures in the temples are pleasing to the eyes.

Guidelines: In South Karnataka Dist, from Beltangadi Taluka it is at a distance of 65 kms. (40 miles) and from this place transport facilities are available, the road is good till the temple.

Facilites:  There are many Dharmashalas in the village with all facilities.

Trust:  Shri Dharmasthala Samstha,
           P.O. Dharmasthala,
           Dist. South Karnataka,
           State: Karnataka,