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Shri Humbaj Tirth

Mulnayak: Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan,  Ardha Padmasana Posture, Black coloured idol , 120 cms. in height.

Tirth Place: The temple is in middle of the village Humbaj.

History: This temple was built in 7 century V.S. by King Jindattrai, who formed Santar Rajvamsh and was the son of Mathura King Shri Sakar.

Specialty: King Jindattrai left his kingdom and was on his way to form his own kingdom. He brought one Padmavati Devi's idol and when he was taking rest under 'lucky' tree he got inspiration and formed his own kingdom and built a temple here. There are some idols made of 'Navratna' which are beautiful to look at. Every year there takes place a procession of Padmavati Devi in the month of March.

Other Temples: In the same place there are 3 other Jain temples.

Art and Sculptures:  The art of idols in all the temples is excellent. The idols in all the temples are ancient. There is one 'Moti Talab' which was made about 1300 years ago and it is said that the water in Pond never gets dried up.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Arsalu, at a distance of 25 kms. From here transport facilities are available upto the temple. Arsalu is in Shimoga Dist.

Facilites:  There is Dharmashala near to the temple with all facilities.

Trust:  Shri Devandra Kirti Swamiji Jain Math,
           P.O. Humbaj,
           Dist. Shimoga,
           State: Karnataka,