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Shri Shravana Belagola Tirth

Mulnayak: Shri Bahubali Bhagavan son of Shri Rishabdev Bhagavan, in Kausaga Mudra, 17.38 mtrs (57 feet). 

Tirth Place: The temple is on a hill at the height of 178.42 mtrs., near the village Shravana Belagola. The hill is called as Vindhyagiri Hill.

History: The temple was built by Mantri Shri Chamundarai who worked in the Kingdom of King Gangaras. It was built by him when his mother got a dream in which she saw a huge standing idol of Shri Bahubali. It was built in 1037 V.S. and now it is more than thousand years old.

Specialty: The specialty of this temple is that lakhs of people come every 12 years here to see the 'Mahamastak Abhishek' of Shri Bahubali. On this occasion Pushpa vrishti is done using helicopters. Earlier King of Mysore use to do the first Abhishek.

Other Temples: On Vindhyagiri Hill there are 7 temples and on Chandragiri Hill there are 14 temples, in which Shri Rishabdev Bhagavan's temple is the oldest one.

Art and Sculptures: The idol of Shri Bahubali is so old but it seems that it is newly made. The idol is very attractive with its expression of calmness (Shant). This is the best example of Indian Sculptures.

Guidelines: The nearest station to Shravana Belagola is Channaraipattanam at a distance of 16 kms. and other stations are Arseker at a distance of 64 kms., Hassan at a distance of 51 kms. and Mandagiri at a distance of 22 kms. From all the above places transport facilities like Bus and Taxi are available. From Bangalore, on road it is at a distance of 130 kms. and from Mysore at a distance of 128 kms.

Facilites:  There is Dharmashala at the foot of the hill where all the facilities are available.

Trust:  Shri Digambar Jain Institution Committee ,
           P.O. Shravana Belagola (573135),
           Dist. Hassan,
           State: Karnataka,