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Shri Khandagiri-Udaigiri Tirth

Mulnayak:  Shri Adishvar Bhagavan , White Idol, in Padmasana posture.

Tirth Place:  From Bhubaneshwar the temple is at a distance of 6 kms on 37 mtrs high Khandagiri Hill.

History: The idol is very old. The history of the temple belongs to the era of  Shri Adishvar Bhagavan. The idols history have a great histoey and the temple finds place in ancient Janpada's. This area was called Kailnga. Bhagavan Adishvar, Bhagavan Parshvanath and Bhagavan Mahaveer Swami came here many times. In ancient times the hill Khandagiri and Udaigiri were called as Kumargiri and Kumarigiri. Many great kings have ruled here. King Srenik built the temple and Acharya shri Sudharma Swami did the Pratistha Mahostav. The temple has been renovated many times in ancient periods.

Specialty: This temple finds a special place because it is from the period of Shri Adishvar Bhagvan, it is main centre for Jainism. Here many kings have ruled who were Jains or took Jainism.

Other Temples:  Near this temple there are 3 other temples and there are some caves on the hills where you can find idols of some gods.

Art and Sculptures: The idols of Bhagavan and sculptures in caves are cared beautifully. It shows that the workers had good artistic power. The Hathi caves is said to 2200 years old and is famous for its works.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Bhubaneshwar station, at a distance of about 10 Kms. Here transport facilities like bus etc are available up to the foot of hill (temple).

Facilites: For staying here Dharmashala is there at the foot of the hill (temple) with all facilities.

Trust:  Shri Khandagiri-Udaigiri Jain Digambar Siddha Kshetra,
           P.O. Khandagiri,
           Dist. Puri,
           State: Orissa