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Shri Mannargudi Tirth

Mulnayak: Shri Mallinath Bhagavan, Ardha Padmasana Posture.

Tirth Place: It is situated near Pamani River of Mannargudi in a village called Haridranadi.

History: Earlier it was known as 'Rajmannargudi'. This temple belong to 12 century. It was built during the reign of Chola Kings.

Specialty: This is one of the main ancient temples of Tamil Nadu. The statues of Goddesses like Shri Saraswati Devi, Shri Padmavati Devi, Shri Dharma Devi and Shri Jwala Malani Devi's are of special powers and wishes are fulfilled here.

Other Temples: At Present there are no other temples around this temple.

Art and Sculptures: The statues of Gods and Goddesses are very attractive and beautiful.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Nadimangalam Station which is at a distance of 12 Kms and it is at a distance of 34 Kms from both Tanjavur and Kumbhakonam. From here transport facilities are available. The nearest Bus station is about 2 Kms.

Facilities : At present there are no facilites around the temple for staying etc.

Trust: Shri Mallinath Bhagavan Jain Temple,
            Jain Sannadi Street,
            P.O. Haridranadi(Mannargudi),
            State : Tamil Nadu,