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Shri Vijayamangalam Tirth

Mulnayak: Shri Chandraprabhu Bhagavan, Black coloured idol, Ardha Padmasana Posture and about 30 cms in height.

Tirth Place: This tirth is located in Vastipuram of Vijayamangalam Village.

History: This tirth belongs to 6th century and at that time it was capital of Kogunadu and the King was Koguvelir and he built this temple. This is also called Karumunadu. This tirth was also called as Virsanghatperupalli. This temple is under the control of Government.

Specialty: During 6th century this was main place for Tamil Kovid's and we can see the idols of five Kovid's. Ancient and famous Tamil book Perukadai was written here. Local people call this temple as Amaneshwar Temple.

Other Temples: At present there are no temples around this tirth.

Art and Sculptures: The temple is built in an special style. The Dhavajastamb is seen from far away and the temples Gopuram is carved with Panchhakalyanak and with idols 24 Tirthankaras. There are statues of Shri Rishabdev and Shri Bhagavati Ambika devi.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Vijayamangalam station at a distance of 5 Kms and from there transport facilities are available. It is easy to travel by Bus from Erode.  Erode is at a distance of 20 Kms. This tirth is situated on the highway from Erode to Coimbatore.

Facilities: There are no facilities in this village.

Trust: Shri Chandraprabhu Bhagavan Jain Mandir,
            P.O. Vijayamangalam,
            Dist. Erode,
            State: Tamil Nadu,