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Shri Calcutta Tirth (Shri Badridas Temple)

Mulnayak: Shri Sheetalnath Bhagavan, Padmasana Posture, White coloured idol , 70 cms. in height.

Tirth Place: The temple is in Sham Bazaar of Calcutta city. This temple is also called as Shri Badridas Temple.

History: About 300 years ago when this place was transforming into a business centre and slowly the English came and soon this place became main spot for business. At that time this temple was built by Lala Kalkadasji's son Shri Badridas.

Specialty: This temple is one of main tirth's among the 5 others in Bengal. In this temple the idol of Bhagavan  has a very special story and the work in this temple is attractive and is of special kind i.e. unique in its nature. Every year there takes place a procession in which thousands of people take part, it takes  place on every Karthik Purnima.

Other Temples: In the city there are 6 Shvetambar Jain temples and 3 Digambar Jain temples and there are a few in house temples.

Art and Sculptures:  Each and every spot of temple is filled with some design and is full of quality work and because of such good work many tourists visit the temple and many foreign tourists also visit the temple.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station is Calcutta's Howrah station which is at a distance of 5 kms. Here transport facilities are available upto the temple.

Facilites:  There are two Dharmashala with all facilities. As many people come here to stay so  it is better to reserve the rooms required. Following are the details of these Dharmashala:

1. Shri Phulchand Jain Dharmashala
37 Kalakar Street, Calcutta-7

2. Shri Digambar Jain Bhavan
10-A, Chitpur Spar, Calcutta-7

Trust:  Shri Badridas Jain Shvetambar Mandir Pedi,
           36, Badridas Temple stree, Manaktala (Sham Bazaar)
           P.O. Calcutta (700004),
           State: West Bengal,