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|| Navkar Mahamantra - Intro ||

|| Navkar Mahamantra - Intro ||  Navkar Mahamantra and Meaning ||

Navkar Mahamantra is one of the earliest mantras known to man. Salutations offered by this mantra are supposed to provide the reciter with great spiritual and material success, removes evil and negative feelings of the mind and give divine peace. This mantra is attributed with powerful healing and curative properties.  
Navkar Mahamantra's other name is Pancha Mangal Maha Sruthskandh and . Reciting of Navkar Mahamantra is equal to 1 Crore Stotra's.

Navkar Mahamantra is the top most mantra of Jainism because it has meaning ( saranch ) of 14 Purva 's.
( Purva : A group of fourteen Jain canonical texts. )

Navkar Mahamantra contains 9 Pads , 8 Sampadas  and 68 letters.

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