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|| Navkar Mahamantra ||

|| Navkar Mahamantra - Intro ||  Navkar Mahamantra and Meaning ||

Namo Arihantanam    I bow to the Arihantas
Namo Siddhanam    I bow to the Siddhas
Namo Ayariyanam   I bow to the Acharyas
Namo Uvajjhayanam    I bow to the Upadhyayas
Namo Loy Savvasahunam    I bow to all the sadhus of the world
Eso Pancha Namokaro    This five-fold salution
Savva Pava Panasano   Destroys all sins
Manglanamcha Savvesim    And amongst all auspicious things
Padhamam Havaimanglam   Is the most auspicious one